Our Extraordinary Volunteers of the Month -July

Kyla Reynold Month.pdf

Kyla Reynolds

Hobbies: Spending time with her comedic brother

Favorite Music: She loves slow jams and R&B]

She is attending college in the Georgia area

Major: Elementary Education

I volunteer with the ministry is because it moved my spirit after hearing the vision of the Ms. Pamela.

Janae Clark

Hobbies: Praise Dancing and Hip Hop Dance

Entrepreneur: Laced by Nae. Designer of custom styled wigs

She likes R& B and Hip Hop music

She attends College in the Georgia area

Major: Criminology

I volunteer with SHE Ministries to assist my mother with getting things done. I wanted to help because I see how hard my mother is constantly working on the ministry and it inspired me to get involved.

Janae Clark Month.pdf
Jackie Volunteer of the Month 2.pdf

Jackie McQuiter

Hobbies: Trying differen cooking recipes and watching movies

Music: I like all music

College: Not currently in school. I do have a MS degree in Leadership

When I first talked to Pamela, I liked her personality. The day she told me about her goals and mission for SHE Ministries, I decided right then I wanted to be a part of her mission. Because God has been so good to me, I wanted to do something to give back to the people. I don't have anything but time to give but that's better than nothing at all.