S.H.E. Ministries America are proudly to announce  partnering with Toys For Tots  2020

We are so Thankful for this opportunity to serve our community with Toys for Tots. We look forward to blessing as many families as we can. We will be hosting Toys for Tot at 2538 Hwy 81, Covington, GA 30016 at 3pm - 6pm on Sunday, December 13th.

****If you are a family or know a family that are in need for toys this holiday season, please complete the form below to register by December 12th .***  It was very successful, assisted over 30 families. Thank you Toys For Tots.... Until this Christmas... Be blessed and safe.

Excitement every where.

Blessing Families.

The "Smile" is priceless!!

Mrs. Claus and her helpers.

Helping where we can.


Helping grandmas w/ grandchildren.



What is it? Do I have to wait??

You get a gift and you get a gift.

All Smiles.

Grandma is full effect.


Enjoying her role as S.H.E.'s elf..

More Volunteers...