Bless the Lives of Others through Volunteering!

You Are Needed

Ready To Be A Blessings To Others?

V O L U N T E E R!

Are you passionate about helping others and seeking a non-profit organization to volunteer with?

If yes, look no more! Introducing the S.H.E. Ministries Volunteer Program where you not only gain valuable work experience, but you also will be part of our family of men and women that give back to others.

Current Volunteer Positions Available

Volunteer Administrative Assistant

Volunteer Hours: 5-15 Hours Monthly

Description: 1 to 3 years administrative experience. Must be pleasant and have passion and compassion for people, no matter what culture or background they come from. Must Believe in S.H.E. Ministries America and the vision it has to help people to Release and Grow Into Their Brighter Future."

Duties include:

  • Assist Volunteer Coordinator

  • Volunteer for 2-4 events throughout the year.

  • Pridefully represent S.H.E. Ministries America

  • A willingness to assist in any way possible.