From Darkness to Light

Soaring High Eagles Ministries was birthed from Pamela's relentless pursuit of helping others overcome life's obstacles & challenges, and achieve ultimate happiness and success. Due to my learning experiences from two previous abusive marriages: the painful loss of my mother: depression, suicidal ideations: and un-forgiveness in my life.  God said,  "And we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to HIS purpose."  Romans 8:28. Pamela is so thankful that she is called according to HIS purpose and you are called too!    

As Pamela started the soul-searching process and discovered the things she had to do to positively change her life around, she learned to forgive the hurt, and pain caused by others and also herself. This was the catalyst that Darkness turned into Light for her.

For the past seven years, Pamela has been on a path of empowering men and women to release the negative experiences from their past challenges and create positive experiences to grow into their Brighter Futures.

Pamela and her current husband Antwan Boudrey, have been coaching men & women at the Rainbow Community Shelter, for the past seven years. It has been a tremendous blessing for SHE Ministries to hear their testimonies, and how their lives have been impacted or changed by our training and workshops. It is now SHE Ministries' desire to increase our outreach and mission by working with men and women globally, to help them create Brighter Futures for themselves!

Making A Difference In the Lives of Others

Ways You Can Participate In S.H.E. Ministries!

Our Core Programs

Participation in our Core Programs can prove to be very rewarding and fulfilling. 

The Power of Releasing Program is an awesome program that will empower you to release yourself from negative past life experiences. Releasing will help you to shift into a "growth mindset" and experience a new, positive Brighter Future.

The Brighter Future Program is an amazing program that is designed to take you on an exciting journey with personal development and shifting your mindset to enhance wonderful, new, and uplifting beginnings. 

With both programs, you will receive Coaching, Teaching, Training, Resources, and Tools to take you into your destiny.

Become A Volunteer!

The volunteer program is a great and rewarding program that allows you to get involved with and assist with unhoused: displaced communities: walk-a-thons:  community events: silent auction galas and much much more. 

An ideal volunteer must have a great positive attitude and a willingness to serve, help, and assist others. 

If you have a passion and compassion towards people and want to make a difference in the lives of others, our volunteer program is the place for you!  Click here to learn more!