The Release Program

The Release Program is a prerequisite to The Brighter Future program. It's all about diving into areas of your life that you didn’t realize were preventing you from having the dream life that you desire.

The program will assist you in taking action and educate how to remove yourself from past negative experiences and become free in your spirit to live the life you always wanted.

When you understand what's holding you back, you can then eliminate it and move on to your greatness.

In this program you'll also learn:

* All about the power of releasing.

* How to release negative baggage from your life.

* How to create positive life experiences.

* How to eliminate negativity from your life.

* Five steps to forgiving yourself and others.

You'll receive the tools to shift your mindset in a positive direction that will lead you into your Brighter Future!

****After each student graduates from The Release Program, they will be recognized as our ambassadors of the program, they will receive a S.H.E. Ministries certificate, pin, and gifts along with a graduation celebration.****

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When you release and let go of negative emotions and thoughts, you are freeing your spirit from bondage.

Releasing is letting it All go like fresh rivers of water.

Graduation Ceremony January 17, 2021 at 4pm 2538 Hwy 81 Covington, GA 30016

Two of our Graduates

Amazing Young man

A Huge Thank YOU to Publix Supermarket for their sponsorship of our Release Program


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Graduation Ceremony

July 17, 2021

July Graduates

Theresa Tannehill - New York

Chameka Bryant - Georgia


Teaching the children about FORGIVENESS!!!!

It was a honor and enjoyable to share on the child's level about the importance of forgiveness. After all, most of the negative things takes place at this age, if not earlier. Teaching to let it go early; so anger, rage, malice, depression and any other negative thought won't rare it's ugly head when they become adults.