We are excited about going to Niagara Falls for our Quarterly Walk Across America!

2022 we are still walking...

(It has been extended by popular demand)

Registration Fees: (includes T-shirt)

  • $25.00 for adults 13 - up

  • Shirt

  • Children three & under Free- (no shirt)

June 18 & June 19, 2022.

S.H.E. Ministries America and Niagara Arts Community Center have partnered to help stomp homelessness and domestic violence in Niagara Falls.

Hurry and register delivery can be a little unpredictable.

All Donations Are Greatly Appreciated

Come on.... what are you waiting for?

Let's get going to Niagara Falls, New York.

We have people to help

Register online to join the walk. From now thru June 18 -19, 2022, you can walk safely in your neighborhood practicing social distancing. Occasionally take a selfie walking and share it on your social media site(s) (#sheswalkingitout) letting people know you are walking to help homeless families with S.H.E. Ministries.

June 18-19, 2022 join us in Niagara Falls at Three Sisters Island @ 2-4 pm!

Covid-19 virus has affected our nation. Our economic impact will have awesome rewards for families living in stress due to homelessness. Your support is greatly needed like never before. Each dollar donated to S.H.E. Ministries America will go to assist with the needs of the families in our community.

T-Shirts are still available.

Atl crew in Niagara Falls Walk 2022

Stomping Out Homelessness

We are walking it out 2022

Stomping Domestic Violence

SHE's Walking It Out in Niagara Falls 2022

Balloon Release Niagara Falls

Stomping Out Domestic Violence - in honor of Keneisha Ellis

The Raging waters

Stomping Domestic Violence

SHE's Walking It Out

Stomping for the Single Mothers

Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission

The kids were our little helpers

Donations for the community

Giving back to the Buffalo community

SHE's Walking It Out

Stomping for the Single Mothers

2 Atl Non-profits meeting in Buffalo for the first time.


Honoring the fallin in Buffalo

Victims of Gun Violence in Buffalo

SHE's Walking It Out in Buffalo

Resource Council of WNY

Helping the Buffalo Community after the mass shooting

Stomping it Out on the mountain.

Kids are welcome

Stomping It Out Ohio Style

Groups are welcome

Celebrating our 1st Month

Partner with Horatios Healthy Cruisine Restuarant

One of our Music Artist

Created SHE's Walking It Out song

Trina Newby

When you Business Coach believes in your dreams.


We praise God for all those who are survivors and honor those who went on to the other side of glory. We walk with you and we are here to assist in anyway possible.

Our October Walk At Turner Lake

Walking for Breast Cancer Survivors

Little ones are included

He enjoyed it.

Our survivors...

Teresa Deberry Upper left blue mask

Lois Boudrey - Upper red hat

Annette Hiram - Our basket winner

My journey started in October 2010. After a routine mammogram, I received a call from my doctor to go back for another mammogram because of a small mass on my left breast. I was recommended to see a breast specialist. The specialist gave me a biopsy and confirmed that I indeed had breast cancer. More test was given to find out if cancer was in my lymph nodes and to see if it had spread into any other area of my body. After a MRI, I was told that the cancer was in my lymph nodes and possibly had spread into my hip. I was told that I had stage 4 breast cancer. I was in disbelief because I felt good in my body. It was a dark place for me in the beginning. It was truly a journey, but I was willing to fight. I had a young son and my husband, and I was not going to go out without a fight. The enemy tried to instill fear, but I had faith in God that he would heal my body.

This year makes ten years as a breast cancer survivor. I’ve had ups and downs, good days and bad days due to the after effects of chemo, radiation and surgery, but I’m still here by the help of the Lord. There were days when I had to encourage myself. It’s another milestone, first five year and now it’s been ten years. I thank God every day for my life. I celebrate life and live it to the fullest.

I’m honored for the opportunity to share my testimony with your organization.


Annette Hiram

SHE Ministries T-Shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness

Want one?? Small donation of $15.00

Rest & Relax Basket includes:

  • Pink Calvin Klein Robe

  • Pink Candle

  • Pink diamond cut picture frame

  • Pink Be Inspired Journal

  • The Secret To Living Your Best Life Book (written by Pamela Boudrey)

Peace baby.

Making it happen.

I made it.


STOMPING out homelessness and domestic violence.

Partnered with Domestic Violence Task Force and Chairman Banes with "Walking In Her Shoes"