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At the heart of Project G.E.N. lies a commitment to guiding every participant towards their full potential. Imagine a world where conflicts are resolved with grace, relationships flourish with vitality, leaders emerge with confidence, and mental wellness becomes a non-negotiable priority. This is the promise of Project G.E.N.

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"Who Are You Program"

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Individuals discovering the power of "WHO ARE YOU Workshop"

I really enjoyed this class and found it very informative and eye-opening. I was able to identify who I am when it comes to the archetypes. The description of the archetypes and the discussion helped me recognize signs from past relationships that I missed, both positive and negative ones. I also learned more about different areas that I need to work on personally to help myself grow but also my relationships with family and friends. Pamela is a great instructor who really takes the time to teach the class and have that engagement with her audience to make it a conversation. I would recommend anyone who is looking for personal and professional growth to take this class. It would benefit all sorts of relationships to where we, as human beings, can live in harmony.  ~Amira

I always knew I was a warrior and it me to understand who I am on a deeper level and it cleared up somethings regarding other people in my life.


It made me identify my personality traits and why I act the way that I do. Help me to know who I am and I can shift and do things a little different. It allowed me to see how I need to show up and what I need to work out within.


The “Who Are You “ workshop was great!😊  It really help me to understand my different characteristics. And the characteristics of others and how to recognize which one is showing up, it also teaches me how to deal with each one. I learned that Power beats Force. So don’t force anything. This was a real eye opener for me. It definitely will help me to become a better communicator and to be more aware on who is showing up when I am communicating. It helps me to be more aware of my behavior as well. 

I would definitely recommend everyone takes this workshop. There is a lot to be learned from this workshop.😊


I'm so thankful for this class. It touched my life. It put a label to some of the things I was dealing with and why I deal with challenges the way that I do. It was an eyeopener for me.


This class really helped to know who I am better and see my weaknesses and the areas I need to grow in. It was good and I would take it again.


I have seen some areas in my life that I need to change and it allowed me to see"Who I Am"


I learned something new about myself and saw things within me that I need to work on.


We are so thankful for the lives we are touching. Together making a difference in the lives of individuals, families. and the surrounding communities.